Youth suicide is the number one cause of death amongst young people in Ireland.  Almost no community in the country has been left untouched by this tragic situation.

The need for action has never been greater, and never been more urgent.  Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland has responded to this by launching our School Visits Programme which has provided over 210 in-class workshops for schools and colleges in the last 12 months.

The talks we present are based on our Four Steps To Help Programme which is designed to increase awareness of suicide prevention and to provide information on the support and resources available to anyone who is concerned about suicide or is concerned about a friend or family member.

The talks emphasis three main points: that talking about suicide makes suicide less likely; that if someone is thinking about suicide it should never be kept a secret; and that suicide is preventable.  The programme has been approved by our expert advisors as suitable for ages 16+ so is ideal as part of the Transition Year schedule or a Mental Health Framework within the school..

The school visit programme is currently funded by the UCD Students’ Union Skydive Challenge so there is no cost to the school or organisation to book and host a talk.

For more information or to make a booking for your school or organisation please visit our Schools Visit Programme  information page  at or call us on 021 242 7173 or 01 485 3827.

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Free2Talk Youth Counselling Service

Free2Talk is a new  youth crisis counselling service that we are introducing as part of our National School Visits Programme.

This service has been developed following feedback from studenst and staff at schools we visit.  Many schools do not have the resources to provide full-time pastoral care or guidance counsellors.  The students have also let us know that they would like to be able to chat with someone “off the record“.  Our counsellors are available to talk with students aged 16+ from schools talking part in the Programme.  

Students can talk with a counsellor online by video. Face to face counselling is also available in Cork, Limerick and North or South Dublin.  

Students call a 1800 freefone number and arrange a chat with a registered and qualifed counsellor about anything that is bothering them for up to 50 minutes free of charge.  The Free2Talk service is confidential and all our counsellors are fully trained and qualified.  Students under 17 will need parental consent to take part in this service.

At the moment access to the Free2Talk service is restricted to students from schools and colleges taking part in the School Visits Programme but it is our intention to work towards providing a National Online Youth Counselling Service which can be accessed by any young person from anywhere in the country free of charge.

For more information
For more information about any of our services or to have a more detailed discussion about your requirements you can contact our facilitators on 021 242 7173.

To make a booking for your school or organisation please visit our Schools Visit Programme  information page  at or call us on 01 485 3827.

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